Same Eifel. Brand new routes

2023 marks the fifth anniversary of LtD Gravel Raid. When it comes to routes, the Eifel region, especially around Hellenthal, is the gift that keeps on giving. Our routemeister manages to come up with new, challenging routes every edition.

We don’t want to compare everything with food, but in this case we do: making routes is like cooking. It’s about the perfect mix of ingredients to create the best result. The ingredients of LtD Gravel Raid routes are: easy to ride gravel paths, beautiful forest roads, challenging climbs and fantastic views. 

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Eifel region 

The Eifel region in Germany is a captivating blend of natural beauty, rich history, and thrilling gravel biking opportunities. With its rolling hills, ancient castles, reservoir lakes, and dense forests, the region offers a unique and picturesque setting for a live slow, ride fast experience.

Gravel biking enthusiasts are drawn to the Eifel for its challenging terrain and the freedom to explore off-the-beaten-path trails. Whether conquering steep inclines or soaking in breathtaking vistas, the Eifel region promises an unforgettable experience that combines the joy of cycling with the wonders of nature and cultural heritage.

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Eifel Region Eifel Region


So, now that we know where LtD Gravel Raid will take place, let's talk routes!

On Saturday - Race Day - we’ll be offering two routes, each consisting of two loops: a morning loop and afternoon loop. Each loop has a feed station on the route. After the first loop you return to the LtD Gravel Raid Festival site for an extensive BBQ lunch. Are you into Ride Fast? Race at four timed segments and win great prizes powered by our partners.

On Friday and Sunday it's all about party pace. Discover the Eifel region with friends and family in our DIY rides or no-drop social rides.

Check the map of 2022 to get an indication of the routes.

Details about the routes

Route information

Short route

Approximately 100 kilometer - 1750 meters elevation gain
Morning loop: ~ 50 km / 930 elev.
Afternoon loop: ~ 50 km / 880 elev.

Long route

Approximately 125 kilometers - 2300 meters elevation gain
Morning loop: ~ 65 km / 1220 elev.
Afternoon loop: ~ 60 km / 980 elev.

Switching between distances and routes? No problem. Anything goes! Are you done and dusted after the morning loop? Just enjoy lunch and the festival program at Wildbach Camping.

Timed Segments

Festival, food, family. That’s a lot of live slow. But we also want to deliver on the ride fast part! That’s why LtD himself came up with timed segments. A fresh format of racing. Marked time segments where you can race and go hard. Then regroup with your friends, fuel up, and gear up for the next segment. Let’s put the good times into racing.

Challenge your friends, the riders near you or pro’s like Laurens ten Dam and Thomas Dekker. Is that too ambitious… The story goes that Stefan Bolt is beatable. And yes, there are great prizes to win! Are you the fastest boy or girl in class?

More info about the segments

Timed Segments

These are the preliminary timed segments. You will see a sign right before and at the and of the challenge so you know when, where and for how long to push your limits.

#1: Specialized Challenge

Type: Climb
Length: 2.0 km
Average: +4.80%

#2: Shimano GRX Challenge

Type: Climb
Length: 0.68 km
Average: +14.50%

#3: Kwaremont Challenge

Type: Climb
Length: 2.12 km
Average: +4.00%

#4: Skoda Challenge

NEW! Surprise, surprise


Open roads, so traffic laws apply! Race like you race on Strava, use your head, respect nature, respect your fellow riders and be nice! Wear an approved helmet at all times. Riders must be 16 years or older at the event date.

Timed Segments Timed Segments
Location Wildbach Camping Location Wildbach Camping

Location Wildbach Camping Hellenthal

Wildbach Camping in Hellenthal is LtD Gravel Raid's homebase. The location of the start, finish, extensive lunch stop, the four areas and overnight stay. A tent spot (2.5m x 2.5m) is included in your entrance fee. The camping offers basic amenities like showers and toilets. Just show up with your own tent and sleeping gear and find your spot. Here is where the magic happens during the weekend. And you know: what happens in... 

If you don't feel like lugging camping gear or could use some more luxury and comfort, check out the upgrade options at the camping.

Let me see the options

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